Issues"I am very passionate about issues that affect my constituents. I believe that it is my personal responsibility to collaborate with local, state, and federal government in order to bring about the best possible outcome for District Five, and that is exactly what I do."

In every instance that the county and the city have worked together we have saved your time and your tax dollars.  Although economic development must take place, I don’t feel that urban sprawl is the answer.  This approach destroys the rich history and culture of our coastal communities.  Expensive annexation battles are not the answer.  This Board of Supervisors fully understands the need for cities to grow, however, this should happen with planning and order.

As a proud republican, I was invited to join a group of 140 bipartisan women, called Women of the Storm.  These ladies chartered a plane at their own expense and traveled to Washington in order to lobby congress.  It is absolutely imperative that all parties work together for the betterment of our country.  Our goal was to guarantee that at least 80% of the FINES collected from BP for the oil spill (at least $21 million) disaster did not go into the general fund but back to the five Gulf States.

  • Now there are two bills in the House and two in the Senate, as well as resolutions from local governments all over the Southeast with Harrison County leading the way.

To join Women of the Storm please click below:

  • With the support of my fellow elected officials we proceeded to upgrade our interconnectivity to the public in order to better serve our citizens.

There are numerous infrastructure design flaws in the water and sewer plans that are currently underway.  The Utility Authority, which is made up of five mayors and two supervisors, works well with a single united contract for garbage; this did not happen in the case of water and sewer services this year.  The inefficiency of top down government is glaring.  There is not enough room at this time to deliberate the water and sewer issues facing county and city citizens at this time, stay tuned.

With the help of my colleagues, funding was secured for District Five's:

  • 9 baseball and t-ball fields
  • 3 softball fields
  • 2 football fields complete with concession stands
  • 3 walking tracks

The community foundation and Area on Aging have made this possible.  Our community must offer extracurricular activities for our youth.  Softball fields are cheaper to build than jails.  Our District also has:

  • 3 senior centers, one of which, in Woolmarket, also acts as a long term storm shelter, complete with a full kitchen and shower facilities.

Other services such as home-delivered meals, transportation and much more are also provided for seniors.

Over the past 12 months, the Harrison County area has added 960 jobs according to the Gulf Coast Business Council.  This is a good start, but we need to keep pushing.  Harrison County still has 3900 jobs that have not been replaced from the economic effects of March 2008.  Construction, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality represent opportunities for job growth.  With your support, I will continue to work to create conditions that attract projects that will bring jobs and money to our Mississippi Gulf Coast.