Connie is a pioneer of our time, blazing trails in her career paths advocating for her county, state, and for women. She is an activist; winner of hard-fought victories; tenacious and resilient. Connie is nimble; sees challenges through with resolve and grit. She is a visionary thinker and action-oriented doer, a natural leader. She is an influencer and connector. She is deeply caring and a serious-minded mentor who invests in her own potential and that of other. She is innovative and entrepreneurial. She wins confidence of others, and keeps it.

Connie was born in Wichita Falls, TX, at Shepard Air Force Base. Robert, her husband, is a Vietnam Marine veteran, an Electrical Engineer and is self-employed. She has lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for over 45 years. She is widely recognized as an unwavering advocate for the people. She is known for her independence, outspokenness, and her commitment to honest, efficient, and effective government that is rational, compassionate, and sustainable. Ms. Rockco was recently elected as the first Harrison county supervisor to serve on the legislative Committee; a committee responsible for advocating county legislation. This was a unique accomplishment considering that there were only 8 female supervisors out of 410 at the time in the state of Mississippi. Connie has worked to provide Harrison county personnel with the essential technology tools to keep our county operating efficiently. Connie recognizes that city, county, state, and federal government groups must work together to achieve what is best for our Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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